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Financial Incentives Inflating COVID Death Numbers


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“Are hospitals getting paid to inflate the number of Covid-19 cases?” –Paul Ebeling

Facts: 2 counties in California reanalyzed death certificates and lowered the number of deaths attributed to COVID by at least 22% and 1 infectious disease expert believes the CDC may soon ask all counties to recount their data, and

Recommendations to add COVID if it was suspected even though not confirmed to the death certificate, financial incentives for hospitals and inaccurate PCR testing are among the factors that supported inaccurate data reporting, and

Conversely, the numbers of injuries and deaths from the COVID shot are being suppressed, disregarded and likely underreported. To boost the appearance that the vaccine is effective the CDC is again manipulating PCR testing by creating different criteria for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and

For those who are still deciding, consider doing your own risk-benefit analysis based on the science and your individual situation before making a decision that may have permanent and lifelong consequences

Have a healthy prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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