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Economy Is In Danger, Crypto Will Be Only Choice For Now.

The world economic went goes full haywire, after FED has made numerous of mistakes, Many national crisis began the expand and the civilization is fundamentally unstable, There is no way going to stop keeping from happening. More importantly, around the world seen the current situation of food chain has disrupt throughout the country, by the inflation and Ukraine and Russia war. Suppressing food export and many of least-developed countries began to suffered naturally from famines.

Freedom of Speech started become narrower than the past, due to modern-day human fallacy and force identity politics integrated thorough various media including news, entertainment, literature and many of interactive medium like Video Games for instances.

Technology also began to stale by the Chip Shortage, the lack of important mineral and low workforces to producing an chip, Many electronic devices are about to hikes even bigger. You can’t just simple buying an new MacBook, Gaming PC or Graphic Card straights from scalpers on eBay. My wallet are crying now…

Same goes as Stock market, Many went fluctuate into Bear states, So what went wrong if the real-world money like the US went from valuable to worthless paper scrap? The world need an alternative, an emergency ones! It’s banking on Crypto!

According to US news outlet CNBC, over 90% of Bank of America survey plans to purchase crypto within next 6 months, not only for investment like what we do the most, but as payment method and there’s the catch. There are too many token for consumer to choose.

Speaking of Token, here the recommendation on buying for stockpile your asset and cash amount like BitCoin, Ethereum, Binance BNB and of course, Your favorite dogs! There is no right or wrong when you jump into crypto field. Many Investor had this problem for a years now, even today still kept happening. Meme-coin in the future will be disappear when it down or something like LUNA already being replaced with newer version.

As crypto-market start to recovering in someway, the world need both digital and physical money, to stay afloat plus everyone wants real money like USD, THB, JPY and EUR to be stable. and helping economy by steering out greedy people away and make an better future. Cryptocurrency exists because it decentralized, served as liberty of economic freedom in newer digital ages, but criminals can be use in illegal way, while world currency are fully closed and strict by the law, but secures when do transactions. Let the world prey, the peace will come soon.

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