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Deutsche Bank’s Interested at Crypto Investments

According to individuals familiar with the situation, the asset management division of Deutsche Bank AG is in discussions to invest in two German cryptocurrency companies as part of attempts to boost growth.

Based on the report by Bloomberg, the persons, who requested anonymity to disclose classified information, claimed that Stefan Hoops, the chief executive officer of DWS Group, has discussed buying a minority share in Deutsche Bank Digital Assets, a Frankfurt-based supplier of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products. They said that Bankhaus Scheich’s market-making organization Tradias is another potential target.

According to the people, the asset manager has also discussed potential means of cooperation with Mike Novogratz’s company, Galaxy Digital.

Hoops would be entering a market troubled by a series of recent governance crises, including the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX in November, as Hoops attempts to repair DWS’s reputation following accusations of greenwashing that prompted investigations by US and German authorities. Hoops has been a strong proponent of cutting-edge technology, and in December he presented a plan centered on the use of blockchain and virtual currency.

DWS is not the only traditional financial services company considering expansion into the digital assets market. Businesses from Bank of New York Mellon Corp. to BlackRock Inc. are entering the cryptocurrency market in the hope that as it develops, it will offer profitable opportunities.

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Frankfurt prosecutors asked Tradias to sell confiscated cryptocurrencies in a manner that resulted in the least amount of volatility in late 2021. Tradias lists German trading business Trade Republic among its clients. According to the persons, discussions about investing in Tradias center on purchasing a minority ownership, same like with DDA.

DWS, Tradias, and Galaxy representatives declined to comment. DDA has no comment currently.

One of the primary problems for DWS, which announced outflows of about €20 billion ($21.5 billion) for 2022 and a €107 billion decline in managed assets as markets fell globally, is to restore growth and investor confidence.

In areas where it wants to create new skills, such digital assets, Hoops stated during last week’s results call that DWS has “initiated to analyze strategic partners and conduct due diligence on potential targets.” He claimed that the current decline in the value of digital assets may present “interesting chances” for DWS.

Source: Bloomberg

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