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Crypto: The Bitcoin Math is “Pure Gold”


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Nature over humans…” — Steve Wozniak

During a recent interview Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak said Bitcoin is the “only cryptocurrency that’s pure-gold mathematics,” praising the underlying technology and calculations that underpin the biggest and best-known cryptocurrency.

Mr. Wozniak has always been a proponent of cutting-edge technology, having helped usher the era of personal computing alongside the late Steve Jobs. And last Summer he praised the technical merits of Bitcoin during a tech conference, describing it as “the most amazing mathematical miracle.”

The Big Q: What makes Bitcoin special to Mr. Wozniak?

The Big A: Although he did not elaborate during the interview as to why he is keen about Bitcoin’s mathematics, he likely appreciates that the calculations presumably help provide a technical explanation for Bitcoin’s supposed stability, relative to gold.

Bitcoin proponents refer to the cryptocurrency as a “store of value” comparable to gold because its underlying technology helps prevent counterfeiting and helps maintain a fixed supply, among other reasons. In January, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) predicted that Bitcoin would continue to take market share from gold, underscoring its rising popularity.

The market capitalization of the crypto market has reached about $2-T in round numbers shows that we have right buy BTC 10yrs ago.

Mr. Wozniak recently sang Bitcoin’s praises during an October interview in which he commented about the cryptocurrency’s “mathematical purity.”

“Bitcoin isn’t run by some company,” Mr. Wozniak declared, “It’s just mathematically pure. And I believe nature over humans always.

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