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Crypto: Super Bored Ape Moves Into Toy Collectibles and Beauty


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Falling over; last wk, the NFT project released a collection of vinyl art toys + on the beauty side, the collaboration between 2 BAYC NFT owners and Glamour Dolls dropped this wk” — Paul Ebeling

Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club and Superplastic, the world’s top creator of animated celebs, vinyl toys & digital collectibles have teamed up for a collection of vinyl art toys.

The ‘SuperBored’ vinyl collectibles feature 5 caricatures in the BAYC universe, 13-inch in size and priced at $222.00 and is currently all sold out.

And in a strange unexpected crossover, BAYC NFT owners have also partnered with indie beauty brand Glamour Dolls for a collection of hair and skincare products. The new Glamour Dolls Flower collection features Bored Ape #8240 and Bored Ape #772, offering a range of face creams and body mousse to massage candles.

The Bored-beauty collaboration launched for pre-sale at glamourdollsmakeup.com on 17th April. Each product will have a 10,000-piece run that will be launched in batches over the next 4 months.

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