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Crypto: Metaverse; Retail, Real Estate and Hospitality Stand to Benefit


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“Our vision has retail, real estate and hospitality as industries that sees huge expansion opportunities in the metaverse”–Paul Ebeling

Retail, real estate and hospitality are some of the industries which will encounter big opportunities for expansion in the metaverse, says an industry expert.

At the heart of what the metaverse stands for — it makes the internet more conversational,” the co-founder and managing partner at Agya Ventures, a real estate tech focused fund says.

The metaverse, will give retail brands the opportunity to create a conversational bridge between the virtual and real worlds.

For example a person may buy a virtual handbag for their avatar, but the proof of ownership of that handbag also gives you access to special discounts and benefits at that brand store in the real world.

Taking it a step further, customers will be able to give companies input on which type of features to include in upcoming products.

This concept of co-creation and co-building and having customers take more ownership of the brand itself is such a powerful construct. I think the metaverse will finally give it the reality.

Those who buy NFT’s tied to a virtual asset such as an upcoming real estate property, will be able to gain access, discounts and privileges in the real world when the actual launch happens.

It is a novel way of thinking about marketing these assets and creating that sense of exclusivity that drives sales in the real world.

Hospitality companies hosting virtual events could benefit from brand recognition and the “imprints” registered in attendees’ minds.

The changes are happening fast. Microsoft (MSFT), Nvidia (NVDA), and Meta (FB) have all laid out their big plans for a new version of the internet.

Last week, Meta announced it is testing ways for creators to sell virtual items and experiences on their platform called Horizon Worlds.

Citi recently predicted the metaverse economy could be worth between $8 and $13-T by Y 2030, with total users numbering around 5-B.

We are bullish that it will meet and surpass that.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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