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Crypto: Learning is the Key to Success


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Just in: Crypto investment platform BitMEX today announced the launch of BitMEX Academy, a multimedia crypto education platform that offers a new way to learn about crypto for beginner and expert traders alike.

BitMEX Academy tells us that it will bring together the greatest minds in the industry to share knowledge on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, trading fundamentals and other topics Key to success in the crypto markets.

BitMEX Academy will launch the following:

  • Distinguished lectures – Inspiring talks from the leading minds in crypto
  • Interactive courses – Covering everything from blockchain, to how to trade derivatives on BitMEX. 
  • Guest speakers – Casual conversations with the most notable innovators in the world of crypto in video blogs and our podcast series on YouTube.
  • The library – A rich educational database with everything you need to dive into any crypto topic, featuring a way for the community to also contribute to articles or create new ones.
  • Community – A way to connect, support and level up your knowledge with like-minded individuals starting with the Academy Discord channel.

The CEO of BitMEX, says, “Those of us who are already immersed in crypto often forget that there are many others who are clamoring to learn more but are unsure of where to turn and intimidated by the sheer amount of information out there. BitMEX Academy will evolve into a central gathering place for people – no matter their level of knowledge – to come together and build practical crypto knowledge.”

Have a prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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