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Crypto: Knightsbridge Leads the Way for Instuitional and Private Investors

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Investors’ appetite, both intuitional and private, for crypto is stronger than ever, with Bitcoin and Ethereum proving themselves to be strong stores of value as Y 2022 progresses. As such, more and more hedge funds and other traditional financial institutions have warmed up to the very idea of cryptocurrencies, and this increased interest comes with increased responsibility.

Regulators continually scrutinize financial institutions, and they are answerable to their clients. So, they prefer to deal with exchanges that have deep liquidity and a reputation for security and transparency. Because of these reasons, Knightsbridge will be the ideal exchange for clients large and small going forward.

Knightsbridge offers its clients access to over 1,300 tokens and cryptocurrencies, coupled with a complete suite of crypto products for traders such as futures and options, ETFs, spot trading, leveraged trading and quant trading.

We also offer our clients trading opportunities in secured lending, yield-driven products and liquidity mining. A deep liquidity pool backs all of the services offered.

Further, Knightsbridge offers clients bespoke solutions such as over-the-counter (OTC) services and high-volume loans that can be secured across different trading platforms, accounts and currencies. A variable fee schedule ensures that higher trading volumes result in lower fees.

Plus, Knightsbridge also offers a wholly integrated suite of products such as its startup IEO platform, NFT magic box marketplace, crypto loans and more.

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