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Crypto: KNIGHTS Update


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“Friends, We are now running our Institutional Round from now to completion, we are hoping that will be end of August but could be end of September”–Shayne Heffernan, PhD

For listing we have 2 windows November and March, that choice will be made based on 1 The Raise and 2 Market Conditions, as we only get 1 shot at it, we must choose carefully.

Exchange Ready and in Pre-Launch Public Testing

Archipelago, Instinet and Island reinvented Exchange trading, they aggregated and displayed and gave access to every possible price from every possible location, that is exactly what Knights is bringing to Crypto. A central exchange that removes the market inefficiencies of the current Crypto world and creates a better trading environment.

We can clear, cross clear and move around the entire Crypto space in a single location. We can create segregated Dark Pool prices and feeds for institutions, allow for CFDs to be traded and written. Beyond simply connecting you to all the exchanges we can also create and distribute your own price feeds.

The technology and platform have been completed, our goal now is to have the 1st central clearing and trading venue anywhere in Crypto.

The Exchange sits at the centre of or Metaverse/Web 3.0, Chain and Server Environment.

The Knights Platform is an electronic network that links the trading floors of every relevant Crypto Exchange

Market participants, Brokers and market makers can take a price on any of the linked exchanges to find and execute the best price available. Eventually, as they are on boarded, a broker on the floor of one exchange could directly place an order through Knights rather than going through a broker on another exchange.

A tip of my hat to sovereign individuals with satoshis and Bitcoin in cold storage with our firm. Click here

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Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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