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“NFTs are shaking up the collectibles marketplace. They are growing in popularity with artists as well as with gaming companies and massive intellectual property giants like Marvel”–Paul Ebeling

We believe that these developments, along with the growing trend of creating NFTs through gaming tokenization, is the digital mix the market needs to deliver NFTs to a new level.

In the world of global IP, Marvel announced that Spider-Man was coming to the world of NFTs, with a series of uniquely posed NFT statues, priced everywhere from $40 to $400 back in Y 2021.

Competitor DC Comics launched the domain https://nft.dcuniverse.com/splash in Y 2022. That means that 2 of the largest IP companies in the world: Disney, which owns Marvel and Warner Bros. which owns DC Comics have landed in the NFT world solidly

The connection of popular IP to NFTs is one of the elements that will buoy NFTs as digital collectibles, regardless of fluctuations in the crypto world.

One of the disconnects for potential NFT buyers is the idea that someone can make a digital art file collectible simply by turning it into an NFT. If I am not an artist of any note, and I do not use any recognizable IP, the NFT is still one of one, making it instantly rare.

However, that is not enough for some collectors, because rarity is not the only property they want in digital collectibles. Now that NFTs are being crafted from globally popular IP, some of the original naysayers are getting into the market.

And that market is growing.

According to a report by Market Decipher, a market research and consultancy firm, the current collectibles market size was estimated at $412-B in Y 2020 and is expected to reach $628-B by Y 2031.

One of the new drivers of that market is the use of NFTs as tokens inside digital games, according to a piece in NFT News Today.

Gaming tokenization is one of the major NFT market dynamics of 2022,” writes NFT Today’s James Neeson.

“Gamers may use NFTs to purchase assets such as imaginary lands, avatars, access to exclusive communities, and weaponry for avatars in the new digital world powered by Blockchain,” Mr. Neeson says. “We anticipate an increase in the number of gaming initiatives using NFTs to market their brands, attract new users, and boost user engagement this year.”

Roblox (NYSE:RBLX)is one of the world’s most popular platforms for shared immersive experiences with over 50-M daily active users globally and 10.5-B active creators and developers spanning 180 countries. Roblox can be played virtually anywhere, from a Sony Xbox to a phone, laptop, or PC. Users can dip in and out of different virtual worlds as they share experiences with their friends.

Roblox is a free user-generated content platform that spans a myriad of genres and titles, all created by its community. All of this positions Roblox as potentially 1 of the most important platforms for NFTs on earth.

They are building a robust ecosystem featuring unique worlds for each of the species that will provide multiple avenues for revenue generation and drive player interest in the IP. The marketplace for digital collectibles is still relatively new, and our goal here at KXO (Knightsbridge) is to use our IP and NFT game tokens is to set the trends, growing big enough and available enough to be the next giant step for the “mainstreamization” of NFTs.

Knightsbridge monitors cryptocurrencies as regulations and technology evolve. While some traders have made money on the change in price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, most investors continue to treat them as a speculative asset primarily for trading with money outside a traditional long-term portfolio.

The Knights Platform is an electronic network that links the trading floors of every relevant Crypto Exchange

Market participants, Brokers and market makers can take a price on any of the linked exchanges to find and execute the best price available. Eventually, as they are on boarded, a broker on the floor of one exchange could directly place an order through Knights rather than going through a broker on another exchange.

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