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Crypto: Bitcoin, Now is not the time to turn Bearish

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BTC’s current $30,000 range as strong support for the leading crypto asset by market cap. We believe this is about as low as Bitcoin will go and that now is not the time to turn Bearish“–Paul Ebeling

Here at KnightsbridgeDAO he last thing we ate thinking about is breaking convictions and selling positions. We have seen the worst-case scenario, Prices could possibly go lower, but I do not see it happening.

The BigQ: Why?

The BigA: Because I remember how many times BTC re-tested this range at $30,000 back here in May of 2021 when the macro sentiment was much more optimistic. And how many times people thought, “…we are going to sell in this case, it is going to break down below this range.” But each time, buyers came in. They bought this range. Just like they did back here in January 2021. And just like we are seeing now with market prices here on May 10th.

Note: It is important for investors not to abandon this range in price, as Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market have already corrected upwards of 50% off their prior highs.

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Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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