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Crypto: Binance is a Community Transparent Platform


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Binance, 1 of the largest cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology providers is committed to facilitating the adoption of crypto by users of every level, by creating an ecosystem that is inclusive of the entire blockchain community” –Paul Ebeling

The crypto space is constantly changing, and Binance never stops evolving to adapt to this change. The periodically updated offerings and fee structures are in resonance with the accurate analysis and valuable feedback gained from users. 

Recently, the platform upgraded the USDⓈ-Margined Futures Liquidity Provider Program, increasing maker rebates to up to 0.003% and improving access to Binance Futures’ low-latency API service.

To cope with the surge in demand for NFTs, gaming tokens, Web 3.0 coins, and other cryptocurrencies that has mirrored the rising public interest in the metaverse and Web 3.0, the platform has brought in more than 1400 spot pairs, 200 futures pairs, and continuously adds new tokens to satisfy the users’ rising demand and diversify their trading strategies.

Furthermore, every trade executed by Binance Convert users is free of charge. Zero-fee trading campaigns are conducted to make trading more accessible to a larger user base, with all USD stablecoin trading pairs included in the current Zero Trading Fee Promotion, allowing traders to trade without incurring any additional fees.

Competitive crypto prices offered improves the accessibility of the assets offered. Users can pay in BNB, the native token of the Binance ecosystem instead of traded tokens to avail of trading fee discounts on Binance DEX.

Users often find it tedious to convert their crypto into cash as they fear slippage of the value of their assets due to low market liquidity or high volatility. 80% of the platform’s spot pairs offer better liquidity than the rest of the market. Daily liquidity monitoring and weekly filtering out of poor liquidity pairs conducted by Binance Futures ensure deep liquidity in both bear and Bull markets to provide robust liquidity for users.

The Spot Liquidity Provider and Liquid Swap feature not only boosts liquidity on Binance by rewarding eligible market markers with trading fee reductions but also offers instant liquidity with low fees for DeFi users. Thus with improved liquidity, based on historical live trading data, a lower slippage as compared to other exchanges is offered. 

With a comprehensive variety of crypto offerings, competitive trading fee structure, and deep liquidity enhanced by a variety of programs, Binance is paving the way for a crypto-inclusive world thus supporting the growth of the crypto industry and community alike.

For more information on Binance, please check out their official website.

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