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Coping During This Political Chaos

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The country is shocked and some are outrage over Wednesday’s chaos in and unprepared Washington DC, and there could be more come before an Inauguration of Joe Biden“– Paul Ebeling

So, taking care of your mental and physical health will be important in days of trial and tribulation in the United States. The People must take care of themselves.

People can help ease their stress by sticking to a regular daily routine, sleeping well, staying hydrated, eating healthy, exercising and participating in self-calming techniques like meditation or yoga, and they should avoid the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

Instead, have conversations with the people in your life and limit or avoid using social media.

Reach out to the people with whom you have a close relationship. Better a few people with a close relationship than lots of people that you have casual relationships with. Because that will compound and trigger exchanges of information and misinformation, as there is lots of information around, some of it is reliable and some not. And do not argue about politics or other matters that you have no control over.

Also, do not be afraid to reach out for professional help if you become overwhelmed and need guidence.

If you are feeling anxious or unsafe, talk with your family and friends. If your feelings continue and it is impacting your daily life, do not hesitate to seek help through your primary care provider, a psychiatrist or other mental health professional, or other resources in your community,” says American Psychiatric Association (APA) President Dr. Jeffrey Geller

Parents should talk thoughtfully with their children about the events of the day and help them process what is happening in the country

Listen to them, talk to them and be there for them. Ask what is going on in their minds, talk it out without impose our opinions on them letting them know that there is lots of disturbing misinformation on social media.

Limit children’s exposure to the news, especially if they are young. Watch the news sparingly with older kids, remember that they are looking to their parents for guidance.

Be careful in terms of emotions and judgment. The worst thing is they are watching this and they are hearing skewed emotions from the MSM, and if parents add their emotions, biases and reactions, that then may have them taking sides with out foundation.

It is best to be factual and neutral in front children. No blaming gossip in front of children because if they will hear it and parrot it.

Reassure children that they are safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods and that this chaos does not make the nation unsafe, does not make going outside unsafe.

At the same time it is important that children understand that the rioting in DC was illegal and that the participants face dire consequences from law enforcement.

Let them know that there were wrongful acts by wrongful people, and that they will be punished, otherwise there will be no law and order in America.

The best advise that I can give the young generation is that the Media, and parents too, are not always correct for they have there own interpretative views, often self-serving too. Just as my parents used to tell me, you are living history as you grow. Enjoy and understand it. Do not be too quick to come to conclusions but store it in your mind to a time when you are able to discern a more comprehensive view of the facts.. Further, there are lots of areas in which one can focus in the development and betterment of one’s self as has been pointed out in this article,” says HeffX-LTN op-ed contributor Bruce WD Barren.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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