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Concept Art House,  a creative studio who has provided art for some of the most successful game companies globally, today announced that Animoca, Gala Games, Hard Yaka, Forte/Rally founder Kevin Chou, and Kabam co-founder Holly Liu have participated in a recent funding round as the firm scales up its NFT business through newly launched division Crypto Art House. Terms of the raise are not being disclosed.

The respective investments from these leading players across blockchain, gaming and venture capital signifies the opportunity to combine forces to grow alongside the burgeoning NFT marketplace and its next iteration as it continues to evolve.

Crypto Art House sits at the intersection of gaming, art and IP so is considered to be at the fulcrum of the NFT ecosystem and recently announced a partnership with Gala Games to establish an end-to-end capability to support artists, creators and IP holders, as they bring their digitized art works to the NFT stage.

“We have in essence been creating various forms of digital media for decades so before NFT’s were called NFTs,” said Concept Art House/Crypto Art House CEO James Zhang. “Our recent Frank Miller offering is just the tip of the iceberg and signifies the rich and diverse opportunities we can create in conjunction with our artists and ecosystem partners.”  

“As a veteran investor across the blockchain realm and with intimate knowledge of gaming, I believe that NFTs represent a massive commercial opportunity while concurrently decentralizing and democratizing how digital art is bought and sold,” said Matthew Le Merle, Chairman of Concept Art House and Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors.  

If you are an artist or creator with an established IP and fan base, contact us to hear how we can offer you an end- to- end NFT solution.

About Crypto Art House
A division of Concept Art House, which since its founding in 2007 has created art for such notable gaming franchises as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, Game of Thrones,, NBA 2K series, ROBLOX, and many more, Crypto Art House has been established to bring digital art collectibles in the form of NFTs to the marketplace — tapping its rich IP, artist talent and partners in the space. The first such collectible launched was legendary artist Frank Miller’s Sin City 30th Anniversary NFT offering in collaboration with Gala Games.

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