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Coinweb $CWEB Looks Undervalued


Coinweb $CWEB coinweb.io looks to us to be better than the .025c we are seeing on CMC.

The Chart (below) screams buy the dip, in this range it is a BUY, under .022 buy it hard.

At a Technical Level Coinweb really has a future with real world application, the team is strong and they are maintaining a strong market profile. The growing partnerships point to a strong future here.

The only negative for me is staking, staking in general should be taken out and shot several times, buried, and never come back to the Crypto world, it serves no purpose and does not benefit anyone.

Overall we give it a Strong Buy and it is in our top 100 Crypto’s. It will be added to the KXCO exchange once we get going.

The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2899, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 7,680,000,000 CWEB coins.

About Coinweb

Current blockchains are isolated from one another, preventing people from taking advantage of their full potential.

If we want to sell an Ethereum token for Bitcoin for example, we’d need an Ethereum smart contract that monitors payments on Bitcoin and then transfers our tokens to the buyer on Ethereum.

Current smart contracts can’t do this because they can’t stay active indefinitely. They require an external payment to execute their code and then they go back to sleep to wait for the next payment. This prevents blockchains from communicating with each other.

The Coinweb Solution

Coinweb’s Reactive Smart Contracts have their own wallets which they can use to pay themselves. 

This allows them to stay active continuously to monitor, move, process or synchronize data between blockchains without the need for external payments.

If a buyer pays for Ethereum-based tokens using Bitcoin, a Coinweb Reactive Smart Contract monitors the payment on the Bitcoin chain and automatically transfers the corresponding tokens on Ethereum.

Reactive Smart Contracts can also run in a loop or connect with other Reactive Smart Contracts to form a powerful web of contracts that resemble highly advanced software applications.

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