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Caribbean Fine Art Fair to Feature NFTs


The renowned annual Caribbean Fine Art Fair, (CaFA), now in its 12th year, returns virtually and in person to Barbados this March, with a focus on the works of over four dozen Black and Caribbean artists, and a spotlight also on the hot subject of NFTs.

Art fans from across the world will be able to join CaFA 2022 at the NORMAN CENTRE, Broad Street in Bridgetown, Barbados, and without leaving their homes at caribbean.global/, from March 9th-23rd.

This year’s fine art show will feature about 40 contemporary artists from 14 Caribbean countries, as well as from the US, UK, Africa and Central America. They include renowned US-based Neo-African abstract expressionist painter, Danny Simmons, the older brother of hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, as well as renowned Jamaican artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes, and Barbadian artist Winston Jordan.

“This year’s CaFA Fair Barbados presents a balanced selection of emerging and internationally known artists, representing 14 Caribbean nations, Brazil, Ghana, the USA and the UK,” said CaFA executive director Anderson M. Pilgrim. “We are excited about our programming featuring an array of regional experts and talent.”

“With the incredible growth and interest in Caribbean Fine Art, the opportunity to present a broader vision of the cultural creativity from the region grows as well,” added Daniel Hort, the executive director of Onomatopoeia Art and a co-producer of the event. “This year’s presentation of costume designs by the renowned Barbadian artist Winston Jordan, offers a glimpse into the career of a national icon while providing the chance work with major pageant and fashion outlets to present the colors, style and artistry of carnival.”

In addition, the Fine Art Fair will feature 6 non-traditional artists from Barbados and 2 from Jamaica.

CaFA 2022 will also include conversations and panel discussion around topics of international interest for the Caribbean, Black and global art communities, including a segment on NFTs by Zoe Osborne of Mahogany Culture, one of the early adopters of NFTs in Barbados and the Caribbean, who will dedicate a portion of her panel discussion to explore and clarify facts around the new digital option for artists.

CaFA was founded in 2011 and has established itself as the premier art event in the Caribbean.

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