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Bulls & Apes Project Launched First 10,010 NFTs Now at 5pm

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Own-to-Earn NFT Project Offers Safety and Substance, Adding Credibility for Holders

Bulls & Apes Project LLC (B.A.P.), a multi-faceted entertainment and media company born in Web3, will mint its first 10,010 Bull NFTs beginning at 5 p.m. ET on May 31. The public sale of the Genesis Bulls takes place via the Bulls & Apes Project website.

The project, launched in February, aims to transform the industry by setting a new standard for what owners should expect. Designed with collectors in mind, B.A.P. has integrated a six-month, Eth-back guarantee into their smart contracts to offer peace of mind to holders who are skeptical of the turbulent NFT space.

“We’re excited that the day is finally here, and we are able to provide these exceptional, reliable products for our community,” said Anthony Mongiello, CEO of Bulls & Apes Project. “We want to deliver safety and substance to our holders in this ever-evolving landscape, and the mint of these 10,010 bulls is the first step towards creating dynamic, exclusive experiences in the metaverse and IRL for those who become members of our community, called the Inner Circle.”

Backed by fully doxed founders, successful tech entrepreneurs Manny Coats, Guillermo Puyol and Mongiello, Bulls & Apes Project delivers exceptional quality 3D digital art along with entertaining and engaging experiences. The community is built around character NFTs inspired by finance culture and the animal symbols of Wall Street.

Bulls & Apes Project NFTs instantly add value for their holders via own to earn tokenomics. Once a bull NFT is purchased, the holder will acquire tokens daily simply by continuing to hold the NFT. These tokens will have a variety of uses within this project, including exclusive access to mint new NFT characters that will add to the gamified approach of this collection.

“There will be surprises, new benefits and twists in the story of our bulls and apes,” said Mongiello. “Those who hold our Genesis character, the bull, will begin an incredible journey in our community.”

For more information on the Bulls & Apes Project, visit www.bullsandapesproject.com as well as their Twitter and Discord feeds.About Bulls & Apes Project:

Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a multi-faceted entertainment and media company born in Web3. They are in the business of delivering digital and physical goods and services by creating compelling and relatable brands and intellectual properties. B.A.P. will provide top-notch art and creativity that will draw consumers into their ecosystem; fun gamification, events, and media that keep consumers engaged and connected; professionalism that instills confidence in our products, ability to deliver, and dedication to consumer appreciation.

SOURCE Bulls & Apes Project LLC

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