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Box Office: American Moviegoers are Regaining Their Confidence

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The leading Hollywood entertainment polling firm National Research Group has been surveying moviegoers on a weekly basis since the VirusCasedemic began on their comfort level in returning to theaters, below are the latest survey results” — Paul Ebeling.

Thursday of last wk was a milestone day for American moviegoers, because for the 1st time since the VirusCasedemic hobbled the cinema experience a yr ago, those saying they would feel “very” or “somewhat” okay about buying a movie ticket hit a record-best of 57%

That number is identical to comfort on Sunday, 15 March 2020, the Sunday before all US cinemas shuttered. If this trend continues, overall comfort level could cross 60% in 2 wks for the Easter holiday.

The results came 2 wks ahead of the Hollywood tentpole Godzilla vs. Kong debuts on the big screen and as cinemas in Los Angeles and New York City, the country’s 2 biggest moviegoing markets roll the film.

Studio executives receiving the NRG weekly briefing were also encouraged that the “very comfortable” category currently stands at 25%, a VirusCasedemic record that is ahead of 15 March 2020.

Coinciding with the rise the moviegoers comfort level,  moviegoing metrics have also improved noticeably; 61% believe movie theaters are very or somewhat safe, a gain of 2 pts from a wk ago and a new VirusCasedemic record for this metric.

The good news for US exhibitors is that 68% of those surveyed said they will next see a movie in theaters within the next 3 months. That number has been on a steady rise in the past 4 wks.

Have some fun again, see a movie this week, Keep the Faith!

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