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Bitcoin Takes A Hit From SEC News

Bitcoin has recently dropped below 22k due to Kraken US staking coming to an immediate hault. ETH has followed as well declining 4.35. Stocks related to Crypto are down as well, for example, CoinBase, MicroStrategy, and MARA, all down 10-14%.

“It remains to be seen if these rumors are true, but what is clear is it would be a huge mistake from a U.S. perspective, as it would result in the rest of the world getting ahead in the important crypto and blockchain technology revolution,” – GlobalBlock.

GlobalBlock released this statement before it was finalised that Kraken were really going to stop US staking. Now it is confirmed, and many investors believe the US are going in the wrong direction in terms of promoting the advancements of Crypto and digital assets.

“Although the hype surrounding bitcoin has diminished, the network has historically experienced a resurgence in popularity after periods of doubt,” – Said Messari’s Sami Kassab and Chris Collar.

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