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Marshall Islands-based Bitcoin financial services provider Klive is set to continue growing its financial service offerings for traditional investors. The latest investment round was 100% by founders as outlook for the industry continues to improve.

Klive’s client base has grown by almost 600%, and order volumes have increased by 3,500%. Development of the platform is still in it’s early stages and is expected to accelerate the company’s growth, already accounting for over 80% of all order volume within five weeks of launch. Klive continues to experience exponential growth in new customers and order volume month-over-month as global interest in Bitcoin continues to grow rapidly. Social unrest, inflation fears, and recent elections are driving droves of traditional investors to Bitcoin and Klive.

Klive is investing heavily in non-traditional team growth and product development. According to Founders during a recent client call, “Bitcoin is becoming a prime global reserve asset, and we are building the financial services that our clients will need for that future.” Klive’s focus on premium client services and traditional financial tooling, including assistance in financial structuring and a base for new issues from around the world, the new style service is attracting increasing numbers of high-end clients who find incumbent solutions intimidating and confusing.

The majority of volume on Klive is driven by Asian clients over the age of 50, but there is still a large underserved segment of the population, “Klive’s mission is to bring Bitcoin to investors around the world in a safe and transparent way where they get to participate in the institution. Even as global interest in Bitcoin grows rapidly, most people over the age of 45 who want Bitcoin still don’t own any. Klive is helping to fix that by creating familiar, high-end financial solutions for investors who are new to Bitcoin.”

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Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized processes and the ever widening impact of Blockchain are going to have a major impact on the way things are done, who does them and who makes the money. Where there were once huge barriers to entry, the door is now open. Individuals can now access income from the type of business once reserved for Institutions, Governments and High Net-Worth Individuals. They can through Blockchain, DeFi and P2P protocols became bankers participating in income from trading, brokerage, settlements, fees, mortgages, finance, margin lending and a host of other financial services.