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BIP39: A Standard for Generating and Storing Mnemonic Phrases

by Nick Tan

BIP39, or Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39, is a standard that describes how digital wallets generate mnemonic phrases and convert them into binary seeds. These mnemonic phrases, also known as seed phrases or recovery phrases, are a series of 12 to 24 words that can be used to restore a wallet in the event that it is lost or damaged.

The BIP39 standard specifies a list of 2048 words that can be used to create mnemonic phrases. These words are selected from a variety of categories, such as animals, plants, objects, and actions. The order of the words in a mnemonic phrase is important, as it determines the corresponding binary seed.

How BIP39 Works

The BIP39 standard defines a two-step process for generating a mnemonic phrase from a random number. First, a random number is generated that is 128 to 256 bits in length. This number is then converted into a mnemonic phrase by selecting 12 to 24 words from the BIP39 wordlist.

The second step in the BIP39 process is to generate a binary seed from the mnemonic phrase. This is done by taking the first 128 to 256 bits of the SHA-256 hash of the mnemonic phrase. The binary seed can then be used to restore a wallet by entering it into a compatible wallet software.

Why is BIP39 Important?

BIP39 is important for Bitcoin because it provides a standard way for users to store their Bitcoin. This makes it easier for users to restore their wallets if they are lost or damaged. Additionally, BIP39 helps to ensure that mnemonic phrases are generated in a secure manner.

One way to use BIP39 to secure Bitcoin is to use the BIP39 Colors tool. This tool translates a BIP39 mnemonic phrase to colors and vice versa. This can be useful for obfuscating your mnemonic phrase, as it makes it more difficult for someone to guess your seed if they only have the colors.

Benefits of BIP39

There are several benefits to using BIP39, including:

  • Independent color storage: The colors in a BIP39 Colors mnemonic phrase can be stored independently, without any specific order. This allows users to store the colors in a variety of ways, such as in CSS files, PNG images, or even at home.
  • Color code obfuscation: The use of color codes in BIP39 Colors makes it difficult for someone to guess the mnemonic phrase, even if they have the colors. This is because color codes are common and easily accessible, so someone would not likely suspect that they are being used to store a mnemonic phrase.
  • Security through obscurity: The fact that most people are not familiar with BIP39 Colors makes it more secure than traditional mnemonic phrases. This is because someone who is not familiar with BIP39 Colors would not be able to easily guess the mnemonic phrase, even if they had the colors.
  • Open source: The BIP39 Colors project is open source, which means that the code is available for anyone to inspect. This provides additional security, as it allows anyone to verify that the code is not malicious.

How to Use BIP39

If you are using a digital wallet that supports BIP39, you will be prompted to generate a mnemonic phrase when you create a new wallet. You will need to write down the mnemonic phrase and store it in a safe place. If you lose your wallet, you can restore it by entering the mnemonic phrase into a compatible wallet software.

What is a Mnemonic Phrase?

A mnemonic phrase is a series of 12 to 24 words that you can use to restore a cryptocurrency wallet. The words in a mnemonic phrase are generated randomly from a list of 2048 words, and the order of the words is important.

Mnemonic phrases are also known as seed phrases or recovery phrases. They are a secure way to store the information needed to restore your cryptocurrency wallet. If you lose your wallet, you can use your mnemonic phrase to restore it and access your funds.

It is important to store your mnemonic phrase in a safe place. Do not share it with anyone, not even your friends or family. If you lose your mnemonic phrase, you will not be able to access your funds.

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