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Biden Talks Covid19 but Does Nothing


President Joe Biden warned on Friday that the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States was expected to surpass 600,000 and urged Congress to move fast on his $1.9 trillion plan to battle Covid-19 and provide economic relief to struggling Americans.

None of the reporters mentioned Tara Reade.

Tara Reade, who worked for the former US vice-president nearly 30 years ago, says he sexually assaulted her in the halls of Congress.

Mr Biden has been accused of being “touchy feely” by multiple women, but this is the first public accusation of serious sexual misconduct against him.

As the media ignored the real questions Biden’s people were busy fluffing up the Socialist Liberals that form the base of his support.

While Biden called for urgent passage of his “American Rescue Plan,” his efforts to get Congress to cooperate on his fast-paced agenda are at odds with his useless push for Donald Trump’s pretend impeachment trial in the Senate.

Biden’s latest executive orders on food aid and stimulus payments were a resounding zero, they reinforced the Politically Correct message that Washington needs to step in decisively against the pandemic and related economic fallout whatever that means.

Biden’s monstrous money printing $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan provides more than $400 billion to tackle the pandemic along with additional funding for small businesses and direct relief payments to Americans.

But Congress, having already passed two huge economic relief bills, is reluctant. The president’s Democratic Party has only a small majority in the House and a razor-thin advantage in the Senate. They are the same people that blocked the same ideas from Trump repeatedly.

Biden is also relying on the Senate to hurry up and approve his disarray of cabinet nominations.

Brian Deese, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, said Republicans and Democrats in Congress must find ways to manage the clashing issues although have not been able to do so in decades.

“We are facing right now a period of multiple crises and what we need right now is to be able to act on multiple fronts,” he said.

The new administration has brought a more underhanded style after the upfront Trump era, but Biden’s cascade of executive orders since the moment he entered the White House on Wednesday were just about making Liberal Noise.

On Inauguration Day, the 78-year-old Democrat signed 17 actions. He signed 10 on Thursday and another two on Friday as he looked exhausted from the very modest schedule.

The slew of orders has covered top campaign agenda items, including the political correct immigration reform throwing Citizenship around like confetti.

Biden extended protections from deportation for so-called “Dreamers” — children of illegal immigrants who have grown up in the country.

But the offensive is overwhelmingly targeted against what Biden described on Friday as a “once in a century public health crisis” and the worst “job and economic crisis in modern history.”

“And the crisis is only deepening,” he said. “It’s not getting better. It’s deepening.”

The most boring White House Press Secretary in history Jen Psaki told reporters that Biden, who was a senator for decades, remains confident.

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