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Avionics: World’s Largest Aircraft Triumphant in 4th Test (Video)


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“Stratolaunch has brought the “Roc” to greater heights as it gets a step closer to developing a revolutionary launchpad for hypersonic and aerospace vehicles” –Paul Ebeling

The results of Roc’s 4th flight test proved the aircraft to be closer to operational status, a necessary milestone to support launches of the upcoming hypersonic testbed vehicle Talon-A.

The Stratolaunch team continues to make great progress on system integrations of two Talon-A test vehicles and has begun constructing a 3rd. A more focused hypersonic flight test is planned to occur later this year.

The Talon-A vehicles are reusable testbeds made for experiments, hypersonic research and operational missions. The highly-instrumented vehicles can fly at speeds higher than Mach 5 and can carry data with various payloads. This will allow routine access to the hypersonic flight environment, which is Key for scientific research, component demonstration and technological development.

The American aerospace company anticipates delivering services to government and commercial customers as early as Y 2023.

Stratolaunch’s mission is to advance high-speed technology through innovative design, manufacturing, and operation of world-class aerospace vehicles.

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