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At the Movies: Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Headed to Cannes Film Festival

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Top Gun: Maverick is taking a flight to the Cannes Film Festival

The world’s Top film fest comes comes with Top Gun’s planned release around the globe at the end of May.

Paramount and Skydance high-profile sequel starring Tom Cruise, 1 of the world’s biggest stars will screen at the festival in advance of its Memorial Day premiere in theaters.

Top Gun 2 will open in North America on May 27, after beginning its international rollout earlier that wk. Paramount declined to comment on any plans to show up on the Croisette.

This yr, the iconic festival on the French Riviera runs May 17-28.

At the Box Office

The Y 2021 Global Box Office Down 50% From VirusCasedemic Times

The annual report from the Motion Picture Association says the theatrical business will recover from COVID-19 and also trumpets the rise of streaming.

According to the Motion Picture Association’s annual THEME report, combined ticket sales worldwide reached $21.3-B in Y 2021, an 81% jump over Y 2020. However, they were 50% behind 2019’s $42.3-B.

The MPA report confirms that domestic revenue came in at $4.5-B, a number Comscore released at the end of the yr, while international ticket sales climbed to $16.8-B, but far behind the record set in Y 2019 with $30.9-B, so the box office recovery is a work in progress.

Have some fun, see a movie in a theater this week, the chaos is over. Keep the Faith!

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