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As Red States Grow, Blue States Shrink


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Red States increased in population growth as blue states saw a decline, despite California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) claiming “the California exodus is a myth.

Between Ys 2020 and 2021, according to new US Census Bureau data, Washington DC and other Democrat-led states populations are showing a marked decline. DC’s exodus topped the list with a 2.9% fall in population, the census readings that ended in April of last year read.

New York followed behind with a 1.6% decliner; Illinois showed a 0.9% drop; and Hawaii and California both saw a decrease of 0.7%.

But in Republican-led states such as Idaho, the population grew 2.9%. In both Utah and Montana, the population grew 1.7%; for Arizona 1.4%; and South Carolina 1.2%.

In Florida and Texas, where the states’ COVID-19 policies made national headlines, they both saw growth of 1%.

In terms of the number of people immigrating, Florida saw the most significant gains with 220,890; Texas and Arizona followed.

Residents who made the move to Florida have said that higher taxes, crime, and government overreach helped them decide to make the move. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis “is a law-and-order governor.

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