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Artist Doctor Troller Sells $20,000 of NFTs in 20 Seconds

 A London based digital artist sold unique pieces of animated artwork under 20 seconds when they went online this week.

Artist Andrew Brown, from South London, who goes by the name Doctor Troller, released his new collection of 40 works for $500 each on https://www.doctortroller.com and items from each pool were snapped up in seconds.

Artist Doctor Troller Sells $20,000 of NFTs in 20 Seconds (PRNewsfoto/NFT Intellect)

Doctor Troller is a new breed of UK artists that makes animated digital works sold as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). NFTs are tokens registered on the Ethereum blockchain and can prove ownership of a piece of digital art. Sales of NFTs have shot up in the past few months, and one by a digital artist called Beeple sold at Christie’s for £50m in March this year.

His art is hugely popular on Instagram. His popular style of bold stylised images and sexual caricatures have quickly gained over 800,000 followers, and pieces of his vibrant art get over 80,000 views.

Doctor Troller’s art has already grown in value by 25% in a week, and the collection is now worth over $300,000. The resale of the NFTs earns the holders 2% royalty when a sale goes through. NFT artwork ownership rights are monitored by NFT management company “NFT Intellect,” which tracks royalties due to collectors.

Artist Andrew Brown said: “The future of art is digital, and the lockdown has certainly sped up the transition away from physical artworks. This has been a great experience for me and should open up new opportunities for artists to be able to monetise their content outside of the traditional gallery model.”

About Dr Troller

Chelsea-based digital artist “Doctor Troller” is the alter ego of a creative street troller and prankster born from the streets of London. Known for his disruptive visual and multimedia art style, Doctor Troller’s surreal, inflammatory videos and digital art pieces are designed to ignite controversy and spark debate.

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