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Art: K-Art Fosters Fine Art in its Worldwide Community

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“Art and artists are not only in museums or concert halls, they are all around us”–Paul Ebeling

The focus K-Art is a world community connection and the role that the arts can play in positively impacting that evolving community going forward.

This topic could not be more timely as the world is at a historical crossroads of social change. As a community our members can choose to learn and move forward together guided by 2 of the Art World’s prominent guides.

The world’s future depends on inter-community connections, the promise of increased understanding between people who maybe have or do not have little in common.

The arts have a long history of bringing people together across boundaries, increasing understandings across disparate and historically unequal groups, and supporting the agency of underrepresented communities to create, maintain and share their stories.

Artists and arts organizations are an important resource in our path to building stronger connections. Opportunities for more conversation among groups lead to insight and a shared sense of community, and in turn lay the groundwork for exploration about how to maintain vital cultural and community traditions while inviting investment.

It is not only artists and arts organizations that are stewards of strength and connection in communities. It is people that take the time to meet and learn more about what is happening and participate in exciting projects. Small, creative acts can change the perception of value both inside and outside the community.

Integrating the arts more fully into our lives enriches each of us, and because engaging in the arts brings individuals together, it fosters community.

Again, art and artists are not only in museums or concert halls, they are all around us. All of us have the ability to create and to imagine a way to make our world healthier or stronger.

K-Art’s team led by international experts Elaine Trebek-Kares and Natalie Silva have broken into the inaccessible world of fine art, its dealers and auction houses, join us and become aware of the many events and opportunities to engage in the arts, and take advantage of them.

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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