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“American Liberals and Conservatives are at War”


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American liberals and conservatives at war with each other, it is war in every sense but military, we are also engaged in a war between individual citizens and a government that has become unresponsive to the will of The People”— Paul Ebeling

Americans no longer have a representative government we have tryanny.

Voters who imagine that they control what the government does are mistaken. The people we elect, the president and Congress are a front for the Deep State.

Mr. Biden is a lame actor playing the role of Commander-in-Chief. Washington is really at the mercy of the huge unelected bureaucracy that represents ‘big in the overblown federal government.

”As the administrative state grows,’‘ says Mark Levin in “Ameritopia,” ”the vote is less effective and the individual is increasingly disenfranchised.”

America’s elected representatives waste their time and our money on trivialities, while the country is actually run by unelected administrators.

”There’s a permanent state of massive bureaucracies,” said Newt Gingrich, ”that do whatever they want.”

Deep State power has reached the point where it is beyond the reach of constitutional safeguards.

Acting as a 4th branch of government, the Deep State issues thousands of rules and regulations that have the same authority as acts of Congress, yet are subject to virtually no oversight by our elected representatives.

‘The imperial bureaucracy has grown so powerful and arrogant that it doesn’t even feel like answering questions. True accountability would interfere with the power of the State, so accountability is routinely evaded.

Accountability is impossible when The People do not know whom to call for an accounting.

Just look at the predominant political issues and you can see that majority views are being ignored. For example, most voters oppose open borders. Washington does not care.

Mr. Biden claimed the border is closed, then he allowed more than a million illegals into the country. After assuring us that the Haitians will be sent back, he allows thousands to relocate throughout the US.

Tucker Carlson asked: “What kind of president would refuse to protect our borders?”

The Bottom Line: there is nothing The People can do about it. The disconnect between voters and Washington is a fact of life.

The Big Qs: Who makes the nations Key calls: Is it Mr. Biden, is it Susan Rice, is it Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, with an invisible cadre of left-wing bureaucrats?

The Big A: Only The Shadow Knows!

A sense of apathy is growing as voters realize they do not have the power to influence what the government does.

All voters care about is protecting themselves from government encroachment. The Left has created the ”balkanization’‘ of America into tribal groups that compete for their own special interests.

There is no longer a ”national” interest. Patriotism has become an anachronism.

Big government is here to stay. As more publicly financed benefits are voted in and as more people qualify for those benefits, says author Charles Murray in “Coming Apart,” more bureaucracy is necessary to administer all of it.

Now you have more people depending on government either for benefits or for their jobs in the bureaucracy. Anyone whose life depends on handouts from Washington including the illegals who are accorded voting rights will vote for left-leaning candidates who support big government.

The political allegiance of the Deep State is to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party—”the party,” says Professor Edward J. Erler, ”that favors the growth and extension of administrative state power.” The Democratic Party and the Deep State have become 1 entity.

The USA’s system is based on federalism, which in theory limits the scope of the central government.

The Cato Institute has recommended that many government programs be terminated; others should be turned over to states and cities, and some ought to be privatized.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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