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American Air Travel Recovering

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Airports in the US saw their largest number of passengers in a yr Friday, data showed, following the halt in travel brought on due to the VirusCasedemic chaos. 

Just over 1.35-M travelers were checked in at American airports Friday, the most since 15 March 2020, according to TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) figures.

Despite the recovery, volume is still under 50% of what it would normally be this time of year. 

The previous high since the onset of the virus chaos was seen on 3 January, with nearly 1.33-M passengers. Air traffic had plunged to a record low with 87,534 passengers on 14 April 2020.  

The United States has been hammered by the world’s biggest reported outbreak of the virus, with an alleged number of 534,000 deaths. YTD the nation has administered over 100-M shots of the vaccine and new cases numbers have fallen about 70% from their highs marked over the Christmas Holiday season

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