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Almost 40% of US Marines Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine


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Mandatory vaccines are part of a US military man or woman requirements for duty, the COVID-19 vaccines are not mandated now because of their emergency use status.

Because they have a choice with this 1, 38.9% the US Marines overall are refusing to take the shot. At Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, 57% have refused the shot so far.

If a group of Democrats get their way military personnel won’t be able to decline for long, as they’ve asked Mr. Biden “to issue a ‘waiver of informed consent’ to make getting vaccinated against Covid-19 mandatory for all US military service members” writing in a letter that ‘disinformation and vaccine skepticism’ are influencing service members to opt out of being vaccinated.”

According to the data, approximately 75,500 marines have been vaccinated, while 48,000 have declined. The overall acceptance rate is 61.1%. The figures include active-duty, reserves, and the Individual Mobilization Augmentee Marines.

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