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AEX Global is celebrating the 3-year Anniversary

by Lion Thongchat
AEX Global Accelerates Global Strategic Development, Adds Banxa, Xanpool  and Other Fiat Channels

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AEX Global Finance has been operating safely for more than 1100 days. Currently platform celebrating the 3rd anniversary where all AEX usershave the opportunity to get bonuses in DeFi Pool, Loan and ASwap.

Founded in 2013, AEX Global now has three derivatives, including savings, loans and ASwap liquidity mining, and offers unique services such as asset growth, DeFi mining and asset turnover, etc. to users from over 100 countries and regions.

Diversified Financial Ecosystem and Competitive APR

AEX Global aims to provide 1 billion users with a diversified digital asset management service that is secure, complete, and easy to use. Since April 2019, AEX has gradually built a diversified finance ecosystem that includes Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi Pool, Staking, Dual Investment, Aswap, and Loans.

1. Savings: over $187 million generated for users

AEX Savings has received a total of more than $48.8 billion in investments from over 19000 users, and in return has generated more than $187 million in profits. Both BTC and ETH and USDT  APR on AEX Global, which is leading in the industry, and VIP can look forward to interest rate hikes.

On AEX Savings there are Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi Pool, Staking and Dual Investment. Savings includes all deals where users can stake their coins and earn interest.

  • Various ways to invest the assets; 70+ coins available;
  • 7-fold risk control system;
  • High quality coins;
  • Start investing with as little as 1 USDT.

2. Loan: AEX Loan lends $1.42 billion to users

AEX is the first digital asset exchange to offer an interest-free loan service when the LTV of hot coins like BTC and ETH is below 15%. The loan has been in operation for more than 3 years, offering low-interest borrowing and fast disbursement. The AEX loan has been lent a total of 288104 times, which is a total amount of $1.42 billion. Apart from interest-free borrowing and sliding scale discounts on the interest rate, AEX has created a unique model that promises to never liquidate as users can add positions every day.

AEX offers three ways to borrow coins: AEX Loan, C2C Loan, and Instalment, through which users can obtain the assets they need without having to deploy their own crypto assets.

  • Low interest rate:Low daily interest;
  • No upper limit: users can take out large loans;
  • Never liquidate: Positions are held for one day;
  • Pairs of coins available: BTC, LTC, ETH, GAT, etc.

3. ASwap: $163 million in the liquidity pool

ASwap is an AMM-based liquidity mining product where users can mine on various chains such as ETH, Solana, BSC, HECO and Polkadot. ASwap users have flexible access to their digital assets and can receive their returns quickly. And at the same time, they can withdraw or reinvent their earnings at any time.

  • 200+Liquidity pools, generate more income in GAT;
  • No lock-up, flexible access to assets;
  • APR higher than industry average;
  • Fast service for trading.

9 Years of Safe Operation Worthy of User Trust

AEX’s strong technical team has been dedicated to modernizing and improving the exchange and wallet system to meet the various security challenges of the Internet. With a reserve ratio of 100% as a guarantee, AEX Savings now offers protection for users’ assets with crypto licenses and fiat currency compliance.

Saving with guaranteed principal and interest creates a solid foundation for returns. Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi Pool and Staking guarantee users principal and interest, which helps many users earn a lot.

AEX is both safe and efficient. Since 2013, when AEX was established, there has not been a serious safety incident. AEX  ensures the safety and efficiency of trading.

User Asset Protection Policy. With crypto licenses in many countries and territories, including Canada, the U.S., Singapore, and the U.K., AEX can conduct foreign exchange transactions, principal payments, digital currency transactions, and other business in many regions.

Thanks to the security of AEX assets, returns, and creditworthiness, users can withdraw their digital assets or convert them into fiat. More and more users are choosing to invest in AEX.

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the AEX Global financial product, AEX has planned four activities to thank the users of the platform.

Savings provides high profits and up to 0.5 BTC ranking reward; ASwap launches DOGE genesis mining with a high genesis APR; Loan offers tier discounts and interest-free loans.

About AEX Global

AEX, a cryptocurrency financial exchange founded in 2013, is dedicated to providing secure, complete, simple, and diversified digital financial management to billions of people. The closer you look, the further you see. AEX offers a wide range of scenarios covering many areas including Fiat, Spot, Finance, Loan and Mining. In AEX Earn, there are Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, DeFi, Staking, and Dual Investment to meet users’ needs. AEX Earn is the world leader in the type of coins and APR, offering its users a variety of earning opportunities.

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