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5 Easy Ways to Learn Crypto


Cryptocurrency is one of the most used buzzwords on this planet right now, and the majority of the population is not even aware of what it is. Based on the decentralized financial system, cryptocurrency is a digital currency system that promises to change the way we keep money in our accounts right now.

There will be digital wallets and people will have more control over their financial assets than they have in the current system, in which the bank is in control of your money. The idea of cryptocurrency was introduced to ensure safety, protection, control and minimum amount of taxes being imposed on your money. Any winnings you get from sites like betFIRST Sport, can also be used to buy yourself some Bitcoin. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced level learner, we have listed below 5 websites that serve the needs of all kinds of people who are willing to learn about crypto.

  1. Coinbase Learn

For beginners, Coinbase is the best platform to understand the terminologies and it has the answers to basic questions in layman terms. What is Bitcoin? Ethereum? DeFi? The answers to all these questions are available on this platform.

The idea of blockchains and digital currencies are very well-defined on the home page of Coinbase. There is a glossary section on the website that has the definition of all these buzz words these days. There is one section for individuals while another section built exclusively for businesses, and another one for developers as well. Depending on your knowledge and profession, you can learn intermediate and advanced crypt concepts on Coinbase too.

  1. Binance Academy

Entailing the history of blockchains, the most popular scams involving the crypto trading and the guide to use the blockchain explorer, Binance academy is another platform aimed at educating the beginners. There is a blog enlisting the risk management strategies on the home page that had navigated various crypto traders.

Similarly, you can also learn about sharding in blockchains, white paper in cryptocurrency and the concept of Binance oracle within this website. It also explains the concepts surrounding the NFTs, the sector that is gaining recognition very early.

  1. Investopedia

If you already have strong basics of Cryptocurrency, Investopedia will introduce you to the other more complex concepts to help you reach a higher level in this sector. The mission of investopedia is to simplify the complex financial information into simple information that can easily be digested.

Initiated in 1999, it covers a diverse range of topics including the complicated concepts of crypto and traditional finance. There are over 36,000 articles and more than 14,000 definitions that will be enough to help you grasp the know-how of crypto.

  1. The Coin Bureau

Now moving on to the advanced resources to learn about Crypto, the Coin Bureau is the platform if you want to stay aware of the updated trends in the crypto landscape. You can find the market analysis, emerging market trends, latest crypto news and industry information, everything on this single platform. 

This platform also has a YouTube channel to keep the crypto lovers updated of any recent news or trends in the market. The Coin Bureau subscribers get to receive a weekly newsletter, packed with trading tips, in-depth analysis and reviews of various currencies. The technical analysis at the Coin Bureau is its most valuable asset, attracting many traders to learn more about TA in crypto.

  1. DeFi Rate

The decentralized finance system is gaining popularity as more and more people are being involved in crypto, blockchains and NFTs. DeFi rate is ideal for people who are looking for resources covering this decentralized system. The website is especially helpful for non-technical users and navigates them smoothly through their journey of learning about crypto.

There is a project explainer section on the website, known as the DeFi project explainer library, to help the traders analyze the trends. The platform also encompasses many interviews, reports and research to add value to the readers’ trading abilities. 

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