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Testing Your Immunity to COVID-19 Is Important

by Paul Ebeling
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I have learned that antibody testing is the gold standard for determining immunity, yet the CDC and FDA are actively deterring people from testing their immunity” — Paul Ebeling

Insite as to the reason/s why.

In May 2021 the FDA issued an advisory discouraging Americans from testing the status of their antibody immunity to COVID-19.

Dr. Hooman wrote in an editorial that, “Those who are adequately immune to COVID-19 are rarely, if ever, getting reinfected regardless of whether this immunity comes from vaccination or from a natural infection.”

 Meanwhile, “those who are NOT immune to SARS-CoV-2 are susceptible to being infected,” he said. He surmises that to end the pandemic upward of 90% of the population need to become immune.

As far as testing for immunity, according to Dr. Noorchashm, the FDA advisory prevents people from obtaining critical information necessary to protect themselves during the pandemic,

“… by not encouraging liberal COVID-19 antibody testing, especially in fully vaccinated Americans, the FDA and CDC are preventing vaccinated, but inadequately immune, persons from finding out that they remain susceptible to infection,” he wrote.

Citing his own experience as a physician, he said “patients who hesitate to undergo vaccination are far more likely to do so when they are confronted with a negative antibody test demonstrating they are susceptible.”

Most experts agree that immunity is the Achilles Heel of the COVID-19 pandemic both on the personal from and on a social level.

But the Biden administration is failing to see that the problem of vaccine hesitancy is rooted in serious FDA and CDC leadership failures as much as it is in misinformation.

So, FDA and CDC need to focus squarely on immunity in both naturally immune and in vaccinated Americans not just forcing an irrational “one-size-fit-all” COVID-19 vaccinations mandate.

If every American could easily find the exact status of his/her immunity to SARS-CoV-2, our nation could best optimize its defensive medical and civil posture in this pandemic.

Cogency and Decency, not Coercion and Disrespect for one another, is how America will defend herself in the biological/political war.

Have a happy, healthy holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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