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Soneva Kiri, the Most Exclusive Resort in Thailand


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Soneva’s earliest “green” initiatives began 20 yrs ago by desalinating water and eliminating plastic bottled water being imported to its island.

Today, Soneva has implement a wide range of impressive eco-friendly policies, which makes the hotel group a world leader in sustainable travel practice.

Based on the island of Koh Kood, located 200 miles southeast of Bangkok, Thailand, this luxury beach resort is a vacationer’s oasis. While Koh Kood is the 4th largest island in the country, the land is largely undeveloped, which leaves guests to admire the raw beauty of the surrounding natural setting. The villas of Soneva Kiri are steeped in luxury and crisp, clean colors and furnishings

The Soneva Foundation is a registered charity founded in Y 2010. It is funded by Soneva’s 2% carbon levy on room revenue and profits from the sale of water bottled on the sustainable hotel property. The Soneva Foundation supporting many projects,

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