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So whats happening in Crypto Today | 21st June 2022


Today is the longest day of the year. But who cares when #Crypto never sleeps.

After yesterday’s fiasco of Solend which tried to take over a whale account via a governance vote… did another vote to reverse the outcome of the previous voting. Whatever that was but the damage was already done.

$BTC rose by 4% in last 24 hours while $ETH also made some gains 4.5% or so. Overall the crypto market is in Green.

The number of unique Ethereum wallets holding atleast 1 $ETH has reach all time high of 1,522,641.

UK has abandoned their plans to introduce KYC on unhosted private wallets. (Maybe a good sign for privacy)

Deloitte and NYDIG have now join forces and will try to provide banking for all with the help of Bitcoin. Maybe they are trying to Bank The Unbanked.

Today #VeChain has upgraded to Proof-of-Authority 2.0 on a private testnet and it is live on it.

BlockFi a crypto earning platform announced earlier that they have secured some $250 million in revolving credit facility from FTX which is a Crypto Derivatives Exchange

Side by side some cloudflare issue is causing outages across many #crypto exchanges.

On Metaverse side: TIME has now partnered up with The Sandbox game and they are going to build a ‘Times Square’ right into the metaverse.

TronDAO is trying all it can to save the USDD Peg from slipping. Tron DAO Reserve just purchased another $10 million $USDD and $TRX

The NYCNFT event was so so and it did tried to breathe in some hopium into the dead #NFT market. Lets see how far that one goes. There was some kind of publicity stunt though carried out by paid protestors (Could be called actors) who came out with placards against NFTs.

ApeFest2022 is really happening. Lets hope that it doesn’t faces same challanges that it faced with their Bored Ape Dating App (Too Many Bros)

MoonPay which is a crypto payment service provider has now launched a new NFT platform with Fox and Universal Pictures as partners.

While crypto bros did forgot all about RussoUkraine war here is what Ukraine did: They just sold a donated CryptoPunk NFT for 90 $ETH. I hope there are more donations like this to support their country and the war effort overall.

Last bit is not related to crypto but you must know that Twitter’s board has now unanimously approved Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover offer. Maybe good days ahead.

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