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Mars CyberTruck NFT exhibited at Hermitage

The well known State Hermitage Museum has held a virtual NFT exhibition showcasing 36 pieces of digital art.

The expo has included both new and previously known NFTs. The event has taken place within Spatial.io virtual space.

The link to the virtual space may be still available at the website of the exhibition https://celestialhermitage.ru/en/ however the announced end date is 10th December 2021. It is not clear whether the Spatial exposition and the website are going to remain post the date.

Notoriously the event included a “Mars Hall” where one of the exhibits is what looks like a CyberTruck with a broken glass window. The authors clearly allude to the event that has happened on 21st November 2019 in Los Angeles during the unveiling presentation of the Tesla’s CyberTruck car. During the event Elon Musk and his team have accidentally damaged the glass of the prototype car, despite it being supposedly shock proof.

Well isn’t it a one of the functions of art to commemorate and reflect upon important events?

The NFTs have been on the rise lately and it is interesting to witness the forages of traditional art establishment into the new area of tokenized art.

It is also worth noting that the CyberCars team behind the “CyberCrack” exhibit are pioneering the concept of a Rich, Metaverse-ready NFT. The demonstrated NFT also includes a video render (publicly available at https://vimeo.com/637802300) and 3D models for Metaverse compatibility (restricted to the owner).

The technology behind this is pretty straightforward for those familiar with NFT standards. NFT’s metadata can include links to digital objects and normally there is a 2D image or an animation. With Rich / Metaverse NFTs, they also include a number of 3D models, textures and optimized bundles for compatibility with virtual spaces.

Cyber Cradle and Dappros, the technology partners behind the CyberCars project, explain that this format offers the best possible flexibility for now, however in future they see a demand for a unified ERC standard allowing such rich NFT objects to be seamlessly compatible across metaverse platforms. The teams are working on their proposal of such global standard.

It seems we will see more exciting developments and useful technology applications arising out of the current NFT hype cycle, and one of them is the concept of Rich Metaverse-ready NFTs.

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