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Majority of ‘The People’ Agree Progressive Ideas on Race, Gender, Cancel Culture are Undermining Society


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Woke is a cramped liberal vision that emphasizes freedom to be exempt from any obligation to anyone else” — Paul Ebeling

America’s business leaders believe that certain progressive ideas about society and the ”cancel culture” are a threat to the country and are unnecessary, a new survey showed Thursday.

In The Zogby Poll of 500 decision makers, the leaders were asked about the progressive left’s ideas on race, gender and a ”cancel culture.’

The poll found 61% of the business leaders agreed, 33% strongly and 28% somewhat that progressive ideas on race, gender, post-colonialism and “cancel culture” are undermining society and were not necessary. The survey found 31% disagreed.

Breaking down the survey by region, in the East, at least 67% somewhat agreed and 24% somewhat disagreed about the negative effects.

In the West, 55% at least somewhat agreed and 36% at least somewhat disagreed about those negative effects.

A majority of every subgroup agreed that certain social science theories on race and gender, along with “cancel culture,” were undermining US society, but smaller companies were more likely to disagree about the negative effects than larger companies, the poll found.

The survey takers also polled the same question among French business decision makers and found a similar response overall, Zogby Analytics reported. Fully 60% of French decision makers at least somewhat agreed the progressive ideas in the United States were undermining French society, while 34% at least somewhat disagreed.

Both nations’ business leaders see the “cancel culture” movement as a threat, Zogby Analytics reported.

The survey’s margin of error in the United States was plus or minus 4.4 percentage points; in France, it was plus or minutes 7.9 percentage points.

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