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Friendship is Key



“Always spend time with amazing people are close to you, Friendship is Key“– Paul Ebeling

In our busy world of work, school, and other material demands, we may forget to appreciate the wonderful people in our lives.

If you want to keep your brain healthy, then spend time with those people who have deep insight into life.

Studies show that a strong support system and meaningful friendships are important for the health of the brain.

So, work to keep your relationships healthy and do not neglect real friends or loyal family members. It good for our mental energy, but it can boost our mood and self-esteem. But be sure to shun and tune out all of the Bad Apples.

“Remember, A true friend is a friend when it is convenient and when it is not. They standby you consistently both when you are present and when you are not. They Answer You With Empathy, Perspective, and Honesty. True friends aren’t phony with you. They show you who they really are. They’re honest with you when it matters most, and as my Father taught me, “Bruce, if you can count five friends you have a lot””— Bruce WD Barren

Editors Note: If you and your friend have trust, equality, compassion, honesty, and independence it is always possible to improve yourself and your relationship with a friend.

Have a Happy Christmas Week and a Happy New Year, Keep the Faith!

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