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Coverage Initiated on $XPAD with a BUY Rating


XPAD is a relatively new launchpad and while there are many in the space XPAD deserves special attention.

  1. it is bargain priced, tiny market cap of only $8.5m it could easily trade 10 to 50 times that in the next year.
  2. it is a bit of a dream team, there are some big names on the team including the almost legendary crypto entrepreneur Jason Stone the Millionaire Mentor
  3. being a $XPAD or XPASS NFT holder you’ll receive early access to projects, whitelists, free airdrops, and much more
  4. community consists of web3 and blockchain influencers, KOLs, developers, designers, and collectors who are all passionate about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and everything Web3.
  5. hand select the top projects in the space with the strongest potential to succeed
  6. ability to drive attention, sales, and engagement to projects, thus giving every project the best chance at success

The Team


Founder & Vice President at Esvelo, a company building tech for global companies such as Trubify.com, Music.com and unicorns like Fair. Featured in TechCrunch, Inc. 500, Business Insider, Fortune, and Bloomberg. Founder of the world’s first multi-million user social media app. Serial entrepreneur, 16 years of business and full-stack development experience, and over 6 years of cryptocurrency market experience.


Over 10 years of experience in business management and product development. Active entrepreneur and serial startups investor in space, fintech, IT, e-commerce. President of Esvelo and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network).


Recognized by Forbes as the king of social media, has built over 36M followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. First-to-market adopter of social media, has worked with over 500 different celebrities, athletes, artists, and social media influencers. One of the largest holders of “digital real estate” in the social landscape, including: @Travel, @Beauty, @Makeup, and @Marijuana.


Serial entrepreneur with multiple 7 figure business ventures across various verticals of web and marketing. He is widely known by over 7 million people around the world as @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram. He supports xPAD as an advisor with his broad areas of expertise include business development, global strategy, email marketing, digital marketing, automation, blockchain, organizational leadership, and growth hacking. hacking.

The Market

This is a growing project with under 1000 holders, it is a chance at a true grassroots entry in something that has all the attributes of being a hit.

Valuation wise as it is priced in WETH it has ridden the bumpy Ethereum wave and that is just another reason to get in now.

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S. Jack Heffernan Ph.D. Economist at Knightsbridge holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m and 1 that reach a peak market cap of $15b. He has managed and overseen start ups in Crypto, Mining, Shipping, Technology and Financial Services.