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Learn How to Use Cryptocurrencies, They are Powerful


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The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing all around the world, they are money“– Paul Ebeling

Just a few years ago crypto coins were used almost exclusively for speculative trading, today bitcoin and some altcoins are used as a means of payment or an investment instrument.

The next step towards cryptocurrencies adoption will be the creation of special marketplaces where crypto coins will be the main payment option.

In the past 18 months, cryptocurrencies solidified their positions in the market, now they are even used as a means of payment.

For example, some experts insist that bitcoin can become a payment instrument in the premium segment.

The Big Q: Do you think that cryptocurrencies can really become a means of payment and will it be available to everybody or will it become demanded only among the young and wealthy people?

The Big A: Cryptocurrencies are a means of payment now.

Crypto is widely used by a huge number of people, no matter their level of prosperity.

For example, in developing countries in Africa like Nigeria, cryptocurrencies are the most popular means of payment because digital transfers in them are much cheaper and quicker than in local currencies.

Yet the lack of clear regulations in the crypto market and some cryptocurrencies’ peculiarities brings its drawbacks: 1st of all, in the form of a middleman or 3rd parties that might still be necessary to exchange crypto to fiat (paper) money.

We aspire to eliminate this issue by creating mobile banking that unites the reliability of blockchain and traditional financial services. It will allow automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat that can be used at any place where there is a card reader without a need for visiting the office or thinking about geographical borders.

Cryptocurrencies are powerful for those who know how to use them and want to earn on them.

We are working on solutions that will allow any user to get an opportunity for financial education and knowledgeable management of digital assets. Thanks to our blockchain user can make money while they sleep.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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