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Islamic Coin will List with KXCO.io


Islamic Coin will be launching on Exchanges soon and plans to roll out multiple supporting features including a wallet and superapp.

KXCO.io has been chosen to work on the pre-sale and to be one of the Prime Exchanges for the Islamic Coin launch.

About Islamic Coin

Islamic Coin — purposeful community crypto asset. It’s used as a native coin on the Haqq blockchain. Each time a new Islamic Coin is minted, 10% of the issued amount is deposited into a special Evergreen DAO for further investment into projects beneficiary for Muslim community or given to Islamic charities. This is the first introduction of a coin bringing direct economic value to a community.

Haqq Blockchain — Haqq (Arabic for truth) is a Proof of Stake blockchain network compatible with the existing ecosystem of Blockchain tools and developer instruments (primarily, Ethereum and Cosmos) and meeting modern industry requirements, with fast-finality and high transactions troughtput. Haqq’s purpose is to serve the international Muslim community by providing a financial and technological tool that allows for independent financial interaction, while supporting technological evolution and philanthropy.

Islamic Coin’s Shariah Board is led by Sheikh Dr. Nizam Mohammed Saleh Yaquby, recognized by Bloomberg as ‘The Gatekeeper’ of a $2 trillion market for Islamic financial products. Sheikh Yaquby sits on the Shariah boards of top international finance including HSBC, Lloyds TSB and Barclays; France’s BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole and Citigroup.

Shariah-compliant Islamic Coin has secured $200M during its private sale from international private buyers. The crypto, targeting the world’s 2 billion Muslim population and ethics-first crypto adopters have broken all records, becoming the top private sale raise in 2022 and the top 10 raise in history.

The Shariah-compliant digital currency has gained a Fatwa, issued by the world’s leading experts in Sharia Law. The edict was led by Sheikh Dr. Nizam Mohammed Saleh Yaquby, recognized as ‘The Gatekeeper’ of a $2 trillion market for Islamic financial products.

The award-winning team includes leading traditional and Islamic Finance figureheads such as Peter Rafferty, former manager of the $600 billion portfolio at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Khamis Buharoon Al Shamsi, former Head of the Banks Inspection Team at the Central Bank of the UAE.

About KXCO

The Knightsbridge DAO spans the entire blockchain ecosystem ranging from a sophisticated blockchain with unique features (Knights Armature™), to a Centralised-Decentralised-Exchange (KXCO™) run by expert traders, to our own wallet and includes our own Metaverse.

Built by a team of experienced traders, gaming specialists and IT engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, the Knightsbridge DAO was built with a mission to create a unique ecosystem for the financial savvy user.

Our operations span across the entire blockchain value chain cantered around our KXCO™ Exchange. We act as expert traders, liquidity providers, structure serious DeFi products, miners & validators and offer Financial, Blockchain & Metaverse infrastructure and educational services to our clients and users.

We operate on a continuous basis 24/7 with a presence around of the world, from our headquarter in Bangkok and from a network of local representations in Dubai, New York, Croatia, Singapore and St. Vincent & Grenadines.

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