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Digital assets are increasing in importance as the world moves closer to Web 3.0. 


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“Ripple is launching an innovation challenge aiming to promote the development of XRP Ledger apps for central bank digital currencies”–Paul Ebeling

The contest page says that entrants can submit projects to 3 categories: interoperability, retail-facing, and financial inclusion.

Entrants submitting retail-facing projects should aim to develop interfaces for humans to interact with CBDCs in a “hip and fashionable way.”

“Access to financial institutions for underbanked and unbanked individuals has been a pain point for many in developing nations.

The Big Qs: Can a CBDC be utilized in an offline environment? How easy will a CBDC be to use for users? How can a CBDC be integrated into different existing financial systems?

The Big A: Financial inclusion projects should aim to bring banking services to underserved populations and “enable spending power from traditionally marginalized communities.”

The competition includes $47,000 in prices, and winners receive invites to “Ripple’s Winners Only Event,” which has $150,000 in prizes. The deadline for submissions is August 25th.

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