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“You will not be safe in Joe Biden’s America”


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America’s protesters, rioters, domestic terrorist, violent Black criminals are all linked to Progressive Marxist Democrats, Black Lives Matter is a movement of hate and anti-Americanism

As apocalyptic images of burning buildings and window-smashing Black protesters pop on the TV screen, a victim placing a call to a 911 emergency line reaches Voicemail. The computer offers to take reports of rapes, murders or home invasions, adding, “Our estimated wait time is 5 days.”

This 30-sec ad by President Trump’s re-election campaign ends with the phrase “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America” emblazoned across a flickering hellscape. It blames a push by progressive Marxist communists activists to defund the police as “violent crime has exploded.

With recent shootings that have killed children and dozens of others in cities with large Black populations including “hell hole” New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and St. Louis the GOP is on the offence.

This messaging tells the American public what MSM will not, that the looting and violence that marred some social justice protests are spreading and foretell the wave of mayhem Democrats would assist and encourage with anti-police policies as they are currently doing in Real Time.

President Trump emphasized the menace at the White House Thursday, calling proponents of defunding the police “crazy.” Telling a visiting group of Hispanic Americans that many immigrants had fled dangerous countries, Adding, “They know what happens when the police cannot protect the innocent, when the rule of law is destroyed.”

Sleepy Joe Biden, the Dem’s presumptive Presidential nominee, has a long 50 yr record of anti-Black racism, and seems to be in the far left Ozone, aka Not All There. He is China’s favorite candidate to boot.

People,with Joe Biden’s plan you will not be safe in America!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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