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You Stay at Home if You Want To…


1.There is no good reason for the lockdowns to continue.

2. There wasn’t a good reason for them to begin in the 1st place, but almost everything we have learned in the last 2 months has made the truth clear.

3. Over 33-M Americans have been put out of work needlesly.

4. Many businesses have been driven to the brink, or into bankruptcy.

5. Our economy on the edge collapse.

6. All of this not to prevent deaths or stop the C-19 coronavirus, but to delay the time when we have to figure out how to live in spite of it.

For most of The People, the risk of contracting the disease by returning to their jobs and lives is very low.

The C-19 coronavirus primarily victimizes the old and the infirmed, which is why it has had a hugely disproportionate impact on nursing homes.

In many states and countries, nursing homes account for more than 50% of all COVID-19 fatalities. When you add the elderly who are not in nursing homes, and people with comorbidities it is evident that young and healthy people are unlikely to die from the disease or be hospitalized because of it.

This does not mean people should cast aside precautions and safety measures, it does mean that there is no good reason, and was never any good reason, for most of The People to stay locked down in their homes. As the threat level for for them is very low, and they should be allowed to take that risk if they want too.

It is important to note that is has/is being argued that the young and healthy cannot be allowed to go back to their jobs and reclaim their lives because they might spread it to people who are not in that category.

The Big Q: What about The People who are frightened and do not want to take the risk?

The Big A: I say let them stay home if they wish.

The way it is portrayed by the pro-lockdown crowd, you would think the anti-lockdown crowd wants to force everyone leave their homes.

The solution is simple: If you want to stay home, stay there, and do not let anyone in.

Only those people who choose to take the risk should take it. But do not prevent others from taking the risk because you do not want to take it.

The Big Q2: What happened to personal freedom?

The BigA2: I make my choices, you make yours.

Here is the oft heard counter argument: if lots of people get back to work and businesses open again, then some of The People who want to stay locked down may be compelled by their employers to come back to their jobs.


If 1 is pro-lockdown, then he/she believe that 33-M lost jobs is a price worth paying.

This line of reasoning is not endearing, persuasive or solid.

People with comorbidities that put them at a high risk from C-19 coronavirus should be accommodated and provided for so the they can remain home. The elderly and infirmed, most of whom are not working anyway should remain at home, most do anyway.

But the young and healthy want the option to return to work. If any young and healthy person wants to stay home indefinitely, they are free to make that choice. And the state and federal governments should not subsidize the choice. And when they decide that it’s worth it to get back out into the world, then do it. And that is a decision they should have the power to make. To each his own!

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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