Yes, you can overdose on Espresso

Yes, you can overdose on Espresso

This is a scary story: after a night with just 5 hours sleep a young UK woman decided to down a 2X Espresso. Then it was no-holds-barred as she then downed 6 more 2X shots.

Apparently, she thought she was drinking single shots. Astonishing because she actually works in the cafe, and was making the coffee for herself.

In her own words:

  • “My nerves were all over the place.
  • “I was drenched. I was burning up and hyperventilating.
  • “I was having palpitations, my heart was beating so fast and I thought I was going into shock.
  • “I did not realise this could happen to you and I only hope other people learn from my mistake.”

The Big Q: How much Caffeine did she overdose on?

Coffee is variable in caffeine content due to blend, roasting time, and extraction time, but for our caffeine database, we use an average from 6 different extractions published in a toxicology journal.

Therefore, we list a value of 77mg caffeine per 1.5 oz Espresso shot, or 7 double (14 single) shots of espresso @ 154mg each

So this Miss downed around 1015mg of caffeine – presumably in a short time frame. If she had not eaten much this would further account for the overdose side effects she experienced.

Espresso can be dangerous

Espresso coffee is a very concentrated form of caffeine, and can be consumed very rapidly opposed to a 16 fl oz energy drink containing typically 160mg of caffeine.

So in some ways, Espresso is even more dangerous than energy drinks. However, its bitter taste is not quite as appealing to those who may not know better.

The moral of the story: Know your own tolerance to caffeine, your level of caffeine sensitivity, and if you are a not a regular drinker do not suddenly hammer your system with a toxic-dose.

Espresso is 1 of the best caffeinated drinks around since it is full of antioxidants and is all natural but someone who does not know the difference between a straight Espresso or a doppio (2X) needs to be careful.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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