‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Week 15: Momentum Alive

‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Week 15: Momentum Alive

 French yellow vest protest organizers are trying to tamp down violence and anti-Semitism in the movement’s ranks as they launch a 15th straight weekend of demonstrations.

Hundreds of people gathered Saturday at the Arc de Triomphe monument for a march through prime Paris neighborhoods to protest President Macron’s government policies they see as favoring the rich.

Multiple demonstrations are happening Saturday around Paris and in other French cities, as President Macron visits the countryside to tamp down rising anti-government sentiment

Support for the movement has flagged some in recent weeks as it has splintered and outbreaks of violence continue.

Online announcements for Saturday’s marches appealed for peaceful action, and one of the weekend protests aims to stand up against anti-Semitism.

Extremist views of some protesters have erupted in a torrent of anti-Semitic insults at a noted philosopher monument on the sidelines of last weekend’s Paris protest.

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