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X Open Hub – Building the trading technology of the future.


As the competition in the FX industry is heating up, and the market becomes more saturated, sales and marketing managers must invent new ways of attracting prospects and leads. New AI-backed marketing campaigns, advanced sales strategies, pushing the network of affiliates are ideas, which more often pop up during long and stressful weekly meetings.

What is more, the digital shift is now even more visible, especially during worldwide quarantine caused by the COVID-19. A lot of companies undergo a stress test of their online capabilities.

However, despite sales and marketing activates, there is a third important part of this equation – trading platform.

Trading platform – the Heart of brokerage business 

The trading desk is a crucial brand touchpoint in the customer’s journey map. It has to provide the best possible user experience, and a handful of information as users become more and more demanding and impatient.

 In X Open Hub, we believe that the design of any product should be rooted in providing the most intuitive environment possible. The skillfully structured platform and back-office systems can not only help traders boost their profit, but also business owners to convert, retain, and increase LTV of traders.

Outsource vs. in-house development

Developing your platform opens many doors – product owners can add new tools, introduce modifications, or decide on the direction of application development. However, there are only a few starting businesses that can cover all these costs. Introducing your platform to the market is an enormous business challenge. It involves hiring developers, IT managers, graphic designers, UX specialists, not to mention fixed costs associated with IT infrastructure.

Therefore the most common choice in the market is a cloud-based white label solution.

Such an agreement allows you to immediately enter the business at a fraction of the cost compared to what you would have had to pay to get your proprietary trading environment. 

The X Open Hub offers a wide range of white label solutions, which allow both brokers, and banking institutions to achieve more cost-optimized business models, increasing the profitability of their operations. The main element of optimization, in this case, is the reduction of the total costs of maintaining IT structures and transaction systems.

How to choose between a white label trading solution?

Choosing the right technology provider is not an easy task even for experienced professionals. The chosen solution will be the drive wheel of the entire business. Deciding which white label solution may be most appropriate is not necessarily just about IT capabilities and the functionality of the platform. Usually, the purchasing committee consists of managers from different branches of the company e.g. the compliance department. The failure to maintain the continuity of services and safety accidents may not only reduce the level of the customer’s satisfaction but also jeopardize the perception of the entire brand.

During discussions with our most important partners, we managed to distinguish the five most important factors that need to be taken into account.

· Modern design, and good user experience of applications

· Constant product development

· Stability and immediate support

· Impeccable security

· Transparency

XOH Trader – an alternative to MT4/MT5

For this reason, it may seem that soon, the traders’ expectations of the investment platform will increase proportionally. This has been already recognized in the X Open Hub (https://xopenhub.pro/), where the innovative XOH Trader platform has been created. The new tool offers convenient solutions for brokerage houses and white label brokers who can conveniently adapt them to the needs of their clients. 

For individual investors, the new platform is far ahead of MT4 / MT5 in terms of functionality and available analytical tools and offers several new and useful solutions.

X Open Hub technology solutions

Currently, X Open Hub offers an advanced trading system based on cloud solutions, which are cheaper compared to the server infrastructure of the MT4 platform. By joining a number of our institutional clients, you can count on a tailor-made solution at preferential prices.

Without the need to install software on local workstations as well as on the local server-side, X Open Hub solutions can be easily integrated and scaled depending on current needs by using a cloud-based infrastructure. Our environment enables companies to respond and evolve instantly.

It is also worth noting that the X Open Hub offers award-winning liquidity, widely recognized by international financial institutions as banks and brokerage houses. Thanks to the collocation of servers in the data centers around the world, we record transaction execution time of 33 milliseconds. In the offer, X Open Hub provides much better spreads and lower fees for partners working in STP / ECN models.

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