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Wyoming, the New Celebrity ‘Hot Spot’



The Big Q: Why are celebrities choosing the 2nd most sparsely populated state in the country?

The Big A: The Wyoming Office of Tourism credits several state highlights for the increased celeb interest:  the dramatic scenes of Grand Teton National Park, the starry skies of Devils Tower National Monument, and the unique ability to connect with nature, and of course the cowboy spirit at a dude ranch.

Additionally, the state is 98,000 sqm, that is 1 person per every 111 acres, which guarantees social distancing, and time out of the limelight, plus all the luxury amenities stars like. 

Interested in purely a luxury vacation, and want to have your needs catered to, then Jackson Hole is the spot, If you wants to spend the least amount of time in a hotel and you want to be spending your time jumping off of mountains or paddle boarding down rivers, Jackson Hole can accommodate that, too. And the town possesses a Western spirit that visitors are fond of.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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