WWIII: NKorea’s Obese Boy Leader Has “Death Wish”

WWIII: NKorea’s Obese Boy Leader Has “Death Wish”

WWIII: NKorea’s Obese Boy Leader Has “Death Wish”

Kim Jong Un, true age unknown, repeated his wild claims that he could hit the US with a nuclear weapon, saying that its deterrent is “irreversible” and would prevent President Donald Trump from starting a war.

He says he plans to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in SKorea next month, Yonhap News reported,as he called for mass production of nuclear warheads. SKorean television stations stopped broadcasting the speech before it ended.

It is likely the United States will have to use military force to disarm NKorea, retired Air Force Gen. Merrill McPeak told reporters Saturday

General McPeak spoke about the growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula and what the next steps might be as the world copes with the reality NKorea either has a nuclear weapon or could soon possess one.

“It’s clear to me that we have to stop the construction of an intercontinental nuclear delivery capability in this country,” said Gen. McPeak, who served as Chief of Staff of the Air Force and acting Air Force Secretary.

“And so I think eventually that means we will have to intervene militarily and demolish this nuclear infrastructure that’s been built and the capability that is progressing quite rapidly in North Korea.”

Gen. McPeak noted the time-frame to prevent NKorea from attacking the United States or another country is running short.

“It’s quite likely that in six months or a year it will be too late, so I think there is a time limit on how long we can let this problem fester, but it’s not too late to solve it in terms of threats to Chicago and New York City and even Seattle,” he said.

“We are burning daylight on this problem, we got to get going on it.”

Another concern is NKorea could have biological weapon capabilities. A NKorean soldier who defected to SKorea this year was found to have anthrax antibodies in his system, which could indicate exposure to the deadly bacteria.

The United Nations Security Council last month approved its strongest sanctions yet on North Korea, a move that Pyongyang described as an “act of war.”

President Trump has warned that alleged illicit Chinese Crude Oil sales to NKorea may jeopardize a peaceful resolution to the confrontation. China has denied the accusations.

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