Wuhu Shunrong Sanqi IE Ntwrk Tech Co Ltd (SHE:002555) a Rising Star

Wuhu Shunrong Sanqi IE Ntwrk Tech Co Ltd (SHE:002555) a Rising Star

Wuhu Shunrong Sanqi IE Ntwrk Tech Co Ltd (SHE:002555) a Rising Star

Ever since the beginning of 2015, 37 Interactive Entertainment has expanded its business scope from games to the all-round entertainment market. Applying the company’s core strategy, “Integration, Globalization and Diversification”, 37 Interactive Entertainment has developed rapidly in most of its business areas, and has become one of the top A-share interactive entertainment enterprises in China. Meanwhile, its overseas operations are making steady progress, providing services to players from over 70 countries and regions.

Pan-entertainment Strategy in a Global Market

37 Interactive Entertainment began its pan-entertainment strategy in 2015 when the company signed strategic partnership agreements with Mango Media, Alpha Animation and Filmko Film. 37 Interactive Entertainment has invested in Filmiko Film’s two latest works, Summer’s Desire and The Eight Immortals. Meanwhile, in cooperation with Mango Media, it made the film IP Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long, a popular and commercially successful brand both in the film industry and the gaming market.

At the same time, 37 Interactive Entertainment has also begun its deployment in the Animation market. By jointly acquiring SNK, a renowned Japanese game developer, 37 Interactive Entertainment obtained the classic IP “The King of Fighters”. The game is now being adapted into an anime series by Jueli Cultrue & Media, an animation studio affiliated with 37 Interactive Entertainment. The company is also planning to make KOF a TV series. Further adaptations in the international market will be handed over to the company’s overseas teams.

Pioneering the VR Market

In 2016, 37 Interactive Entertainment invested in Archiact, a Canadian VR game developer, and Tianshe Culture & Media, a Chinese VR content provider, and began its operations in the VR market. Archiact is a casual games expert familiar with the international market, while Tianshe Culture & Media is a veteran in hardcore VR games that is well experienced in the domestic Chinese market. The two companies will facilitate each other in market expansion and game development, while 37 Interactive Entertainment will provide capital and resource support.

VR content is the company’s focus. In the future, 37 Interactive Entertainment will go beyond just VR game development and gradually expand into other VR related areas ranging from VR SNS, VR applications, VR movies, and other VR interactive entertainment solutions.

About 37 Interactive Entertainment

Sanqi Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd (37 Interactive Entertainment) was founded in 2011 and went public on China’s A-Share stock market (Stock code: 002555) in 2014. The company is registered in Shanghai and has branch offices in a multitude of Chinese cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhu, Chengdu, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as in regions including the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asian and East Asia.

The company runs game platforms covering mobile and browser based games in both domestic China and oversea markets. Meanwhile, 37 Interactive Entertainment owns several top Chinese development teams including Aurora Studio and Crater Lake Studio.

As a leading international game developer and publisher, 37 Interactive Entertainment is not only devoted to globalizing Chinese games to the international market, but the company is also active in entertainment industries including film, animation, live streaming and VR, building up a world-wide leading interactive entertainment empire.

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